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“ChatGPT will not replace Humans” – Infosys Founder NR Narayan Murthy

March 10, 2023

“ChatGPT will not replace Humans” – Infosys Founder NR Narayan Murthy

ChatGPT’s popularity has paved way for various debates and got many people talking about the future of Artificial Intelligence. While some people believe that AI is a threat to the working population and might take over some human jobs, others say that artificial intelligence will help humans with their jobs and lead to more efficiency. Infosys founder NR Narayan Murthy expressed his views about the future of AI and the viral chatbot, ChatGPT, that took the world by storm the moment it launched.

At the 67th Foundation Day of the All India Management Association, NR Narayan Murthy, the Founder of Infosys, shared his thoughts on the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on human jobs, stating, “I think there is a mistaken belief that artificial intelligence will replace human beings, human beings will not allow artificial intelligence to replace them.” Murthy remained positive about the future of technology and work, reminding the audience that people initially had concerns about the impact of technologies like mobile phones and computers on society, but ultimately adapted and integrated them into daily life. He believes that the same will be true of AI and that the human mind will continue to adapt and become the master of this technology.

Murthy further highlighted the potential of AI in assisting human beings and making their lives more comfortable. He noted that Computers and AI have already made significant improvements in various aspects of human life, and AI can continue to do so by becoming more assistive.

However, the Founder of Infosys also expressed concerns that humans will not be satisfied with too much free time, stating, “AI will lead to more and more free time for human beings but no human being will be satisfied with the free time. This is because human beings will start thinking of new things and they will become more and more busy.”

Despite this concern, Murthy remained optimistic about the future of technology and work. He noted, “Mind is the most flexible instrument that ever exists in the world, in this planet. It also has higher and higher aspiration. So doesn’t matter what technology you will invent. The human being, the human mind is always a step ahead and becomes the master of that technology.”

Murthy’s comments suggest that he believes AI will not entirely replace human workers but instead will assist them in performing their jobs more efficiently, leading to more free time for humans to focus on other tasks.

 “ChatGPT is a nice one, but we must use it as a base and then utilise it to demonstrate our creativity and solve greater problems, but be it ChatGPT or AI, it will never replace humans,”